Best weed delivery

We’re not letting lockdown get us down. With our province closing back up, we want to make sure that we keep safety as our #1 priority. To get everyone the weed strains they need, CannabiStralia offers same-day delivery to several locations in Australia, United States and & U.K

Best Weed Delivery Service delivers premium cannabis — flower, vapes, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, and magic mushrooms — straight to your doorstep. Whether you’re a medical marijuana user or a recreational stoner, we offer fast, reliable, safe weed delivery from one of AU’s most popular online marijuana dispensaries. All of our weed for sale and CBD products are hand-picked by budtenders to ensure a wide range of choices. Buy weed online and get mail order marijuana

Massive Selection

Our recreational and medical cannabis dispensary offers virtually endless options for those in search of just the right effect. Whether you’re in search of relaxation, pain management, sleep aids, a creativity boost, or something for a social setting, we’ve got you covered. Our team of cannabis experts carefully curates a selection of the highest quality and most popular strains to ensure delivery for the best weed dispensary in prioritizing safety and quality.


How does weed delivery work?
Getting legal cannabis delivery from a licensed dispensary has never been easier. Visit, browse the huge selection of premium, high quality, best-selling cannabis products, and schedule a delivery for ASAP or for a future date. Your courier will deliver your cannabis order to your home.
Is cannabis delivery free?
Yes for orders above $360! Cannabis delivery is free with CannabiStralia. On top of that, you’re paying the same prices as you would in a dispensary, with no delivery fees, extra fees, or product markup.
Can you deliver weed near me?
CannabiStralia delivers weed throughout Australia and the USA. So if you’re on this side of the best coast, there’s a good chance we do. But for good measure, check out our service zone map and list of valid zip codes below for on-demand delivery.
Where do you deliver?
We deliver premium cannabis products from renowned licensed dispensaries in Australia and United States. Flower, vapes, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates joints, and accessories—we deliver it all ASAP locally and nationally. We’ll save you the time and hassle of going to a dispensary.
Is cannabis delivery legal?
Yes! Weed delivery is 100% legal for adults over 21 years of age, whether you’re ordering for medical use. We ship recreational orders discreetly as we must sort the needs of our customers.
How do I pay for cannabis delivery?
For cannabis delivery, orders can be paid for at the time of checkout; your courier accepts payment virtually once your order is confirmed.
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