WYLD CBD Sparkling Water


Buy WYLD CBD Sparkling Water online! CBD Sparkling Water is a great way to add a dose of CBD into your daily routine. This Cannabis Beverage contains no artificial flavors or colorings to ensure you are consuming a healthy product. WYLD THC-free Sparkling Water keeps you hydrated throughout the day and provides you with all the awesome benefits from CBD. This Beverage is gluten-free and vegan for all to enjoy without worrying about consuming unnecessary calories. This order comes in a pack of 4 WYLD CBD Sparkling water cans.


WYLD CBD Sparkling Water has carefully been cultivated these flavors over the years honing our recipes to create edibles delights that enhance every moment with real fruit flavors and THC-Free Hemp.

- Real Fruit infused sparkling water
- 10 Calories / 2g sugar per can
- USA Sourced Bread Spectrum Hemp Extract
- Enjoyed chilled for the best experience
- CBD infused drinks in 4 different fruit flavors

Blackberry Sparkling water: Bursting with bright flavor, CBD sparkling waters are the perfect companion for all life’s adventures.

Raspberry Sparkling Water: Bursting with bright flavor, CBD sparkling waters are the perfect companion for all of life’s adventures.

Blood Orange Sparkling water: Bursting with bright fruit flavor, WYLD CBD waters are the perfect companion for all of life’s adventures

Lemon Sparkling Water: Bursting with bright light flavor, CBD waters are the perfect companion for all of life’s adventures

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Blackberry, Blood Orange, Lemon, RaspBerry


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